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Vision  Solutions

Barcode Data Reading

#Barcode Reading

- Live barcode scanning
- Able to read multiple instantly

Fruits Sorting

Quality Sweetness Check

- Appearance check
- Quality classification

Marking Analysis

#OCR Recognition

- Reading and Analysis
- Quality check
- Data compaision

Wire Color

#Quality Check #Measurment

- Wire color check
- Imperfect connect
- Connector pin inspection

Cosmetic Beauty Products

#Marking #Pattern Match

- To detect package sealing
- Lable position

Glass Fiber

#Measurment #Data Analysis

- Measuring fiber length
- Dimension and area
- Data arrange
- Diagrams display

O Ring Roundness

Pattern Match Detection

- Deformation check

Electronic Color Detection

Resistor Color Check

- To check color code
- High Speed Detection.

High Accuracy Measurment

#Microscope Measurment

- Measure micro pieces

Positioning & Locating

#Positioning #Optical Alignment

- To indicate direction
- Integrated automation

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