ATMT was founded in 2016 as a vision technology company composed of a team of  senior algorithm engineers.

By many years of experience on image process.  Our products encompasses many kind of AOI equipment, mostly are use in electronics assemblies industry and IC packaging.

Our goal is to improve product yield for the customer and efficient manufacture process.  

Optical Inspection

To use machine vision as high-speed high-precision optical image detection technology to replace the traditional use of human optical instruments to detect the defect, It is implemented at many industries, such as:  IC Packaging, PCB IndustryWLCSP Quality Check to inspect following features:

  • Area defects

  • Marking

  • Chipping

  • IC Crack

  • Component offset

  • Component presence or absence

  • Excessive Solder Joints

  • Flipped component

  • Height Defects

  • Insufficient Paste around Leads

  • Insufficient Solder Joints

  • Lifted Leads

  • Severely Damaged Components

  • Solder Bridges

  • Volume Defects

  • Wrong Part

  • Bridging


We also provide service for helping client to accomplish factory automation by using AOI system.

you can automate your equipment by:

  • choosing ATMT AOI equipment

  • install optical module

  • develop tailored inspection solution 

  • modify existing device

  • customize to fulfill your ideas